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The first time I saw
Dean Geyer (in the series Terra Nova) I was like: “Who is he? is he in the US?
Who’s his publicist? When are we shooting him?” … at the time Dean was filming
Terra Nova in Australia and there was very little chances he would come to the
US. But Ryan Murphy the creator of Glee, probably had the same reaction than I
did when he saw him and after Terra Nova got cancelled Dean flew to the US for
new adventures … with Glee.he also played a sexy gardener in the famous
Australia show Neighbours before that, but back then, even if I enjoyed the
shirtless performance, I was not digging the hair [DEAN GEYER THE SEXY AUSSIE
GARDENER :-P]I usually not even turn around when there is a celebrity near me
here in LA (that is the Parisian in me who do not give a crap …) but when I
walked by Dean and his (I assume) girlfriend at The Grove, I did turn around big
time ;-)But let’s go back to Glee and Dean. Season 4 will start thursday and
even if I just watched a couple of episodes I will keep an eye on this new
season because according to this preview Dean will be naked in the shower 😀 And
action …


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